Our Story

The evolution of GLOW began with Pickle Barrel`s vision to create a unique restaurant… that would offer diners healthier food options and Rose Reisman’s philosophy of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes eating well and reconnecting with friends and family over a relaxed meal. Together, the two collaborated to design Glow’s menu. Translating the richness of the earth and expressing the idea of a person’s “healthy glow” became the starting points for the name and were distilled into GLOW.

Our Food Philosophy

Our menu showcases a menu inspired by Rose Reisman featuring lighter, fresh, unadulterated, local food and changes by the season. It incorporates the whole philosophy of eating clean and eating well “doing it right” on a consistent basis. Our kitchen uses fresh, flavorful ingredients and creative, imaginative cooking techniques to allow the flavors of the food to shine through. There is no deep frying, no use of heavy sauces and dressings to mask the flavors, the food speaks for itself. Only the freshest ingredients are used, nothing is processed and everything is made from scratch on the premises. Paired with our award winning wine and cocktail list Glow offers a dining experience like no other!

The Decor

The design radiates a rejuvenating, calming experience by combining natural materials such as wood, stone and fabric with infusions of natural light. The logo, a ruby red beet, embodies Rose`s philosophy and is a symbol of the richness in all wholesome foods. Glow is home of an exclusive art installation from the series Mille Fiori by Dale Chihuly , acclaimed Studio Glass Artist. Prolific for the last 40 years and revolutionizing the studio glass movement, Chihuly’s work has been curated in museums around the world. The work of Dale Chihuly`s Mille Fiori (a thousand flowers) series creates a dramatic backdrop at GLOW.